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Mission & Vision

With such a profound MISSION & VISION for G-TOX, the whole G-TOX concept has to be physically expressed and embodied into something that we can all be proud to be associated, be visually outstanding and exciting, and be able to collectively represent and spread its positive vibe to all who want to Live More.

For all people on Earth as diverse as we are, what we all have in common and use daily is the simple necessity of wearing clothing. What we all wear as clothes not only functionally protects us from the environment and the elements, but more deeply it can be an expressive representation of you and what Tribe/Tribes you belong. Our clothes visually express who we are consciously and unconsciously, and can be a subtle or powerful symbolic statement about who you are, what you do, what you believe and what you think.

For clothing and fashion to embody G-TOX it has to have immense depth and meaning in its design, this is the new gravity of fashion, and is about creating the most deep and profound lifestyle clothing collection – Fashion about the People, for the People.


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