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About G-TOX & Life Manifesto

G-TOX Life Manifesto - English

What is G-TOX About?

G-TOX is about LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL! Through our meaningful and motivational clothing we want to INSPIRE people to find fulfillment and happiness in life!

A person inspired to truly live, exudes an unique energy in their self-confidence in both mind & body, they embrace challenges, have the desire to live life to the full, know what is right or wrong, what is good or bad, and always naturally radiate a positive life energy that can contagiously ignite the spirit of others. Achieve this priceless profound state of mind, and if brought together into a globally united community, then you will have potentially the most powerful thing in the world, a new social Panacea, a community of free thinkers, people who have and can control their own MIND, their own thoughts, their own beliefs and what they want in life!

Why did we develop G-TOX?

We want to share this profound attitude and energy for life, through our meaningful and motivational clothing and we want you to wear it with PRIDE!

We want to create and engineer a new global super community of positive passionate people. Such a serious and profound mission requires the ultimate Gravity TO eXtreme (G-TOX)  this is the story of G-TOX and the evolution of the SuperTribe and the Humanitarian Social Network we are creating.

G-TOX Humanitiarian Social Network (Upcoming)

We are busy building a radical and totally unpredented new social network experience, by embracing and harnessing the power of technology we want to create a new super connected social network platform that has meaning and purpose which can make a difference add value to people's lives.

We are creating an exciting new Supertribe - a global community that connects all tribes from around the world with the simple common goal of being inspired to live life with greater self-thought, self-belief, an open mind, connectivity and passion. Irrespective of your  Age, Sex, Race, Class, Religion, Belief, Orientation, Tribe, Politics or Country, it is not about what group you belong to, but more and most importantly about YOU and what you desire in life!

We aim to inspire YOU to be the Architectural Alchemist of your own Mind, to find your own beliefs, your passions, your talents and to continually desire to discover, create and manifest the Mind of your Dreams. Through finding Inspiration that moves you, discovering your creativity and engineering your own Mind, G-TOX will help empower you to discover YOUR own path and goals in life. We are united in our differences, yet everyone’s ultimate goal is the same, to live your dreams, to find fulfilment and to be happy.

If you are a positive passionate individual who strives to live life the way you dream & desire and want to share your life experiences with like-minded people and to inspire others from all over the world, then join G-TOX and together we can create and inspire a new generation of positive passionate thinkers, people unified by common self-belief and self-confidence!

Using inspiration as the seed for change, we all have the potential to be inspired and to inspire others, the purpose of G-TOX is to help find, plant and nurture those seeds of change that will result in personal growth and positive global change!


G-TOX Life Manifesto - Chinese Traditional - 中文(香港)

G-TOX Life Manifesto - Japanese - 日本語

G-TOX Life Manifesto - French - Francais 

G-TOX Life Manifesto - German - Deutsch

G-TOX Life Manifesto - Portuguese - Português

G-TOX Life Manifesto - Italian - Italiano


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