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G-TOX Logo - Symbol of Change

As a symbol of global change, the G-TOX logo has to be something that can connect with all people around the world. The symbol for change that is most connective with all countries, cultures and tribes is the mystical Dragon, a mythical creature with great physical & magical powers that can stir the imagination and minds of all people in both the Eastern and Western world.


To represent the West and East, G-TOX has two Dragons that look face to face; the Left Dragon symbolizes the western world and the Right Dragon the symbolizes the eastern world.



Left G-TOX Dragon – Western World

The Left G-TOX Dragon symbolizes Western culture, its tail forms the letter G which stands for Gravity, combined with the Right G-TOX Dragon its forms the word “G-TOX” otherwise know as “Gravity TO eXtreme”


People from the West will see and recognize the word G-TOX in the G-TOX Logo Icon.



Right G-TOX Dragon – Eastern World

The Right G-TOX Dragon symbolizes Eastern culture, its head, body and tail combined wth the logo centre forms the Chinese/Japanese calligraphy character for Dragon.


People from the East will see and recognize the Chinese/Japanese calligraphy character for Dragon in the G-TOX Logo Icon.



G-TOX Dragons - Iconic Symbol of Unity

The two left & right G-TOX Dragon’s are seamlessly merged together to create one unified iconic symbol, a symbolism that proudly represents the collective evolution of both western and eastern society both fused as one and reflecting the future vision of the G-TOX SuperTribe.


Irrespective of whether you are from the west or east we are all united in our differences, and together we can all make a positive difference and add value to society.




Founder’s Signature – The Heart of G-TOX

The final element in the G-TOX logo is the founder’s design signature “70” (David Lee - initials DL reversed is 70) imprinted into both the word G-TOX and the Calligraphy character for Dragon, the 70 is subtly blended into the centre of the G-TOX Logo and is the heart of all that is G-TOX.


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